Student PopulationAt the beginning of 2023 we had approximately 420 enrolled students. Of these 56 are Pre-School students and we cater for classes from Pre-School to Year 6.

We have 14 mainstream classes of students from Transition to Year 6 across the two neighbourhoods – Early Years and Primary Years -  in our school.  We also have three Pre-School classes.

Approximately 17% of our students are Indigenous and we believe strongly in Closing The Gap in student learning for our students who, with their families, make a rich contribution to the culture of our school.

Further, approximately 16% of our families have a parent/carer in a full-time employment with the Australian Defence Forces.  These students come with their own emotional needs, but also with a rich life experience and view of the world which we value and incorporate as part of our ethos.

29% of our students speak English as a Second Language.  At Rosebery Primary School, these students have programs for advancing English skills and for being able to contribute to the culture of the school through their families’ language and customs.

Our school has many working families, and as such, Out Side School Care Service (OSCNT) our external provider is well attended including vacation care. Up to 10% of our students attend at some time during the school week and we are proud of the service provided through our partnership with OSCNT.

This year we will have about 90 students in Year 3 and Year 5 participate in the National Assessment Program – Literacy And Numeracy (NAPLAN).  These students will demonstrate their proficiencies in Numeracy, Reading, Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation and in Writing.

Rosebery kids are great kids!!