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Defence School Transition Aide

Amanda Guerin is the DSTA at Rosebery Primary School. Her role is to help provide a smooth transition for Australian Defence Force children into a new school setting.

Not only does Amanda assist with student transitions in and out of schools, she works within class rooms on a regular basis assisting defence children. Amanda engages lunch time activities, hosts morning teas for parents and carers and assists students in writing letters to Defence members who are deployed, on course or away for military reasons. Amanda will work closely with Teachers to monitor defence students personal challenges such as friendship, peer groups and classroom difficulties and provides an opportunity for ADF families to network with other ADF families within the school community.

With over 98 Defence children attending Rosebery Primary School we are very aware of the number of parents who are deployed throughout the year. With absences constant and often for extended lengths of time the children are able to come and visit the DSTA at any time so they can draw a picture, write a letter or send an email to the Defence member who is away.

Please ensure you advise the school you are a Defence family when filling out your enrolment forms by ticking the appropriate boxes.

Information for 2018-2019 Defence Families

If you have secured a DHA house in the Rosebery or Bellamack area and are intending to send your child(ren) to Rosebery Primary, please contact us to discuss enrolment. Please note proof of residency is required prior to enrolment.

Rosebery Primary adheres to the Northern Territory Department of Education priority enrolment policy this means we are only able to accept enrolments from families residing in the Rosebery or Bellamack areas. For more information please visit


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